For several years I have been teaching dance, my outfits were often dark, lacking originality and sometimes comfort or quality of finishing!

I looked in other activities for outfits that could have met my expectations but there was always a detail that was not right: too sporty, too ample, too loaded, with bad finishes, or too expensive …
And that’s when I started to change my own outfits and draw my first models. I wanted outfits that could fit my main activity, Dance, but more, versatile outfits for activities like yoga, Stretching, sweet gym and even going to the beach!
And yes ! I adoooore the beach, sun, surf, coconut water, monoi …!
My inspirations come from this universe but also from all the trips I have made in my artistic career (Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Japan …)

The collection presents a range of clothes with fresh colors, feminine patterns, fluid and hyper-comfortable materials, outfits that bring sun and dynamism but above all, they give us the pleasure
to Move and Dance !

After long months of work, research materials, prototypes, I am delighted
to present my 1st Collection:
Dance, Fit & Glam

A collection that gives peps, feminine, light and comfortable !

In a few days, you will discover the whole collection on MY SHOP