I have a passion for Bellydance since i’m 4 years old (evidences to support lower, hihihi)

I was formed during several years with diferents dances such as Ballet, Modern-jazz, Salsa, Samba and Bellydance which i dedicate more than 20 years training with great names of Bellydance in France and all around the world.

Graduate in Human Ressources, i was working as a RH Consultante when i decide to leave everything and devote myself to 100% my passion for Bellydance !
Since 2007 I have been teaching my knowledges in Collective classes and Individuals classes, Workshops and I have the pleasure of being regularly invited to teach and to perform for International events (England, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Argentina, Japan …)

I love to teach, share and transmit my knowledges with a lot of generosity and pedagogy.
Many women don’t have access to collective classes in Dance studios…
It’s for this reason that I had the idea to create and develop this website
Online Bellydance Classes
This project has been close to my heart for several years…


Share my passion and my teaching for this wonderful Dance

with the largest number of students everywhere !

More than a website,

It’s a Community of passionates people : )

Online Bellydance classe